1351 Alabama Malcom

Washington DC

The Malcom X property will be a four-story mixed-use development of 95 residences with ground floor retail. Its designation as a transit-oriented development means the connection between the property, nearby transit options and the community is vital to its success. Area streetscapes are a key element in the community as they define mobility as well as contribute to the community’s aesthetic quality, economic activity and social cohesion. The hardscaping plan includes permeable pavers with unique patterns. Planters have bio-retention feature. Bike racks are abundant. A Capital Bikeshare Station with shaded wooden benches and movable table and chairs will be illuminated by new fixtures to create a safe and welcoming passage. dp+partners design also promotes the connection between the park in the rear, new playgrounds and parking that incorporates a stormwater management strategy. There is an opportunity to install a large sculpture, historically themed interactive benches and long benches for conversation.