Headquarters for the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation,


Headquarters for the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) is located on a 35-acre campus in McLean, VA. The four-level, 190,000 SF offi ce building was programmed and designed by dp+partners as a flexible and efficient structure that would respect the natural character of the wooded site and its relationship to the other campus buildings. dp+partners also developed the master plan for the campus, locating and programming new structures.

The façade of the Freddie Mac building presents a logical, rhythmic succession of “punched” windows and addresses the orderly procession of the adjacent Phase I and II buildings. The property includes a computer room, vault room, designated space for training, trading room and cafeteria. A formal drive leads one around the site as the the building becomes less formal and the site becomes more natural and wooded. The rear of the building, facing a heavily wooded area, changes to an aluminum ribbon pattern of openings, and finally, to a glass curtain wall facing the trees. The rear terrace is landscaped with trees and natural ground covers, connecting the building to the site. This transition is reinforced inside the building as well.