Congress Heights Senior Wellness Center,

Washington, DC

The project entails a substantial 1,500 square feet addition to the existing Congress Heights Senior Wellness Center in Washington DC. The programmatic requirements involve extending program spaces, creating additional storage, and incorporating other auxiliary areas. Crucially, the design seeks to instill a fresh ambiance into the facility. One of the project's most significant challenges lies in the necessity to execute the addition seamlessly while the current facility remains operational. This demands meticulous design and construction administration planning to ensure that day-to-day activities of senior individuals are undisturbed throughout the construction process. The focus is on enhancing the facility without causing disruptions, prioritizing the comfort and well-being of the senior community during the expansion.

The design centers on incorporating Fibonacci series windows for visual appeal, blending aesthetics with functionality. Wood enhances comfort, creating a cozy atmosphere for seniors. Concrete, in line with the existing color palette, ensures harmony. The fusion of wood, concrete, and Fibonacci windows adds vibrancy and serenity to the center, creating a welcoming environment for all.