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The Capitol One Arena provides a state-of-the-art technologically advanced arena for NBA Basketball, NHL Hockey, and other events ranging from concerts to the circus. The 245 million dollar facility includes 20,000 square feet of offices for the owner, restaurants, retail stores, a sports museum, parking for 400 vehicles on two levels, an underground connection to the Metro Station and 110 luxury suites to accommodate over 1900 pa- trons. In addition to having a major design influence on the building envelope, Devrouax & Purnell had a primary responsibility for the design and construction documents for the offices, parking, metro connection, and all luxury suites.

The two principal levels of suites are located at rows 19 and 38 allowing for excellent site lines close to the action. All suites contain a private restroom coat closet, media tower, two televisions, sink, refrigerator, ice machine, banquet service bar, and seating for at least 21 persons. The pallet of the suites includes blonde maple cabinets and side chairs using contemporary fabrics with mirrors and stainless steel as visual accents.

Seating 20,600 for basketball and 23,000 for concerts in a mixture of general admission, private club and suite seating, the arena is the most advanced professional sports venue of its kind.


The Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) needed to build a new corporate
headquarters which would be a symbol of its movement into the next millennium. Devrouax & Purnell has provided an internationally inspired design for their 10 story, 384,000
square foot of office space and 176,000 square foot of enclosed parking for 440 cars.

Located just west of Chinatown, across from the National Potrait Gallery and one block
from the Capitol One Arena, this site is in a prominent downtown location. The building exterior responds to the site and surroundings. The glass curtainwall with horizontal sun shading devices curves back from the street and stops short of the corner and
the ground level parking plaza. The east side is dominated with a precast facade with
punched openings. Spectacular views of the monuments and the Capitol can be seen
from the rooftop deck and gardens.
The firm led engineering consultants to a state of art design. Energy conservation was
a prime concern in the design of the building skin to attain a tight, efficient envelope.
Structures were studied and engineered to ensure minimal impact on the adjacent Metro tunnels. The overall building design has received high praise from PEPCO’s top officials
and the architectural community. The new facility exemplifies PEPCO’s commitment to
excellence in design and energy efficiency.

This project location established a true Gateway and catalyst future development into
the Howard/Shaw Neighborhood. The location at the Howard Shaw Metro Station was
the perfect stop for Thousands of patron’s who live, shop and be entertained at the
Howard Theater.

By restoring the historic/ contributing buildings on 7th street it reinforce the wonderful
history and heritage of a great community.

The project had to go through the PUD process and Historic Preservation for approvals.
Partial funding was secured by New Market Tax Credits and DCHA.